Vladislav IlicCEO

I have built real estate. I have renovated it.

I have valued it. I have analyzed it.

I have sold it. I have leased it.

I have worked with agents, buyers and sellers.

I have consulted investors.

And now, I want to create the new real estate experience.

Vlada Ilic, CEO

Spasoje IlicCED

When the going gets rough, you can count on me.

When push comes to shove, or bark, you can also count on me.

As you can see, I am the one everybody counts on, humans included, to get the job done.

And that is why I am the Chief Executive Dog.

Spasa Ilic, CED

Dragana DjukanovicCOO

Every company needs someone like me.

It is my job to be sure that everybody is not flying around in various directions.

I make sure that everybody’s feet are secure on the ground, at least most of the time.

Dragana Djukanovic, COO

Ivana BatisticBusiness Manager

It’s my job to take care of business.

I make sure that everything is running along smoothly and when we do have a problem, make sure that we solve it fast and easily, so that it won’t blow up into a major crisis.

One of the easiest jobs there is.

Ivana Batistic, Business Manager

Maja AsprovskiSenior Business Administrator

Somebody has to worry about the money.

I make sure that the bills have been paid. The income is steadily flowing in. And that the budget is in place.

Lucky me.

Maja Asprovski, CFO

IT Team

Our slogan is “Where technology and knowledge meet to create the new real estate experience.”

We are responsible for half of that slogan, so that makes us kind of important.

You see, we are in charge of our technology.

Real Estate Team

We are a team of highly trained real estate professionals specialized in a wide range of activities, from appraisals to brokerage, and everything else in between.

We do this by embracing technology, but never forgetting that the basis of it all is knowledge.

Real Estate Team