These are the facts of the real estate industry today:

  • ­­Real estate agents are one of the happiest professions in the world.
  • ­­Real estate agents are one of the most hated professionals, according to customers, along with lawyers and politicians.
  • ­­Real estate is probably the largest and most important investment most people make in their lifetime.
  • ­­Still, the average buyer spends more time thinking about the new car that they plan on buying, than the new house that they are going to buy.

Is this because agents are untrustworthy? Is this because we have no one to ask when we need advice, or no place to seek advice? Whatever the reason, this tells us that something is definitely wrong in the world of real estate today.

Don’t even think for a minute that the appraisers have it better off. How often does the appraiser value a property, only for their client to say that it is either worth more or worth less? The only basis for this claim is that they know what their property is worth.

Our mission is to change that, to create the new real estate experience so that clients trust their agents, buyers and sellers know where to find advice. Appraisers know where to come to find the apps, programs and platforms to help them write reliable reports. Investors can seek advice and the means to successfully complete their projects. Financial institutions come to find the means to solve and monitor their way through real estate loans, mortgages and investments.